Ape Swing
C&J Prep

Jefferson Curl
Scapula Routine
Schouder Mobility Snatch 
Skin the Cat Floor Strech
Squatroutine 2.0
Table Maker
Wall Shoulder Opener


Chest to wall HS
Frog Stand
Handstand Walk to Wall
Headstand Leg Raises
Handstand to headstand
Handstand Plate Walks
Wall Walks
Rock to headstand
Shoulder Taps
Wall assisted Handstand


Archer Ring Rows
Adv Tucked FL Rows
German Hang
L-Hang To inverted Hang
MU transitie + Support

Ring Swing
RTO Pushups
Skin the Cat
Support to false grip hang
Tucked FL Rows
Wide ring rows

Snatch Drills

Muscle Snatch
Power Snatch Cycling

Power Snatch from Power Position
Press in Snatch

Snatch Balance

Snatch Deadlift+ Low Hang Power snatch
Snatch Grip Deadlift+Deficit
Snatch High Pull
Snatch High Pull 
Sots Press
Torokhity Snatch Complex


1 Clean, 2 FS, 3 Thrusters
Hang Power Clean Cycling

Tall Jerk


GHD Heel Drive
Hanging Leg Raises

Hollow body hold
Hollow Rock

L-hang T2B
L-Sit Paralettes
One Leg Hip Raise
Russian Twist Wall Ball 
Side Plank Star
Slam Balls
Superman Plank
Superman Rock
Turkish Get Up

Wall Ball Slams
Wall Ball Sit-Ups

Accesoire Werk

Bar Pullover
Bottom’s Up KB Press
Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps
Cossack Squat
DB Push Up + Row
Good Morning
KB Snatch
Neutral grip Alt DB Press
Plyo Plate Push Ups
Reverse DB Fly
Romanian DL
Rope Pull to Stand
Scapula Pullups
Scapula Pushups
Seated DB Shoulder Press
Single Arm DB Row 

Single Leg DL
Waiters Walk